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  • Saira Gill
  • Hans-Henrik Enoksen
  • Casper E. Ingerslev
  • Casper Muhr
  • Andras Green Rasmussen
  • Jeppe Rindom
Casper is very driven and has more energy than anyone I know. If you want someone to give clear direction, with a firm approach, Casper is your man. I sat opposite Casper for a year, and as the MD of Denmark, he was in constant contact with his head of sales, and when he trusts someone he gives them the autonomy to get on with things, develop and progress. Brings people together - work can be fun!
Saira Gill / Early-stage VC / Investor & Advisor
Casper is a rare breed - a highly capable and convincing marketeer, who was a true pleasure to work with. Always looking for the next deal and always ready to go the extra mile.
Hans-Henrik Enoksen / Founder and CEO at Enoksen Watch Company Ltd.
I have the privilege of working with Casper as an investor in the online health club Wexer (www.wexer.com) where I am the majority shareholder and serve as CEO. Working with Casper has been a very pleasant experience. Caper has a tremendous drive and is a strong international networker - and he uses his network actively to create win-win situations. He has a very positive yet realistic approach and generously offers his help. Business wise Casper identifies opportunities and trends in the very early stages and he has a good understanding of how ideas are put to life – and a strong skill set to execute.
Casper E. Ingerslev / Chairman at Repeat, Barry´s Bootcamp Nordic, Lenus & SLP. Founder at Wexer
Casper is a committed, passionate, smart and determined professional. I have very much enjoyed working with him and recommend him without hesitation. We will miss him here in EMEA!
Casper Muhr / COO at AUTO1 Group
We chose Casper as a board member at Nodes, and had the pleasure to work with him until he went to Australia to continue his career. This was to our regret, as we would have loved to keep him on board. He helped take us to the next level, from a passion driven start-up, to a (still passionate, but) numbers driven and more stream lined company. He did so huge determination, but still understanding were we came from and where we wished to head. I will highly recommend Casper both as a person and board member to anybody. Groupon is lucky to have him.
Andreas Green Rasmussen / CEO at Nodes
I have really enjoyed Casper's drive, analytical skill set and always positive attitude, when he supported Nodes Group as a Board Member. Casper is a great person and a huge professional capacity, and I was excited to see him grow into a bigger role for Groupon APAC, while at the same time sad no longer having access to his expertise.
Jeppe Rindom / Cofounder & CEO at Pleo.io
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