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Depending on the company and its life stage,  I enter into new teams with a focus on Investing, Advising, as Board Member or a combination of these.


A number of factors will determine whether you are ready for an investment. Careful analysis of the business, taking into account factors such as life stage, challenges and opportunities, will determine the size of a potential investment.  This analysis process normally happens within a week, in close dialogue with you.


Increase your returns!

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The election of me as a Board Member is done by the shareholders of the company who are responsible to set the company vision and appoint the chief officers to carry out that vision. Each member of the board participates in board meetings wherein the discussions of performance, critical roadblocks, turnarounds, and future strategy take place. In other words, they are responsible for the global direction of the company.

Each member is required to know his vertical along with its issues and challenges. He is also responsible to bring up any problems with his segments of the business to other members, so they can discuss a solution. All the members brainstorm on a solution and bring it to a vote. If a majority of the members can agree on the solution, the conclusion becomes an operative guideline and an essential component of the company’s strategy going forward.

Want to discuss options?

Describe your business and proposition and I will return to you as soon as possible.


On the road toward performance


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Casper has been a true inspiration to me when joining the sales organization of IWG. He has a great talent to connect with people on all levels, spot immediately what their strengths are and gets the best out of them. As a leader, coach and mentor to me, he showed me how to look at things from a different perspective, which gave me the possibility to further grow my sales organisation in Switzerland. Everyone who gets the chance to work under the leadership of Casper will have the chance to work with a highly entrepreneurial personality, a brilliant business mind and a truly fair leader with the vision to develop people and businesses to their best.

Patricia Statelli / Sales Director Switzerland at IWG plc.

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Joana Garcia / Envato

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Maria Doe

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Lucas Crasy / Upper

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Jocas Doe / Upper

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Lucas Doe / Upper
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